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Responsive Political Action Website

Americans for Hope, Growth & Opportunity is a non-profit organization established by Steve Forbes. He and his team are seeking to promote dialogue around a number of issues that they see as pivotal to restoring strength and vitality to the U.S. economy.


The Challenge

Essentially starting from scratch, we were tasked with developing an identity for the organization that conveys Steve's optimism in the entrepreneurial, hardworking spirit of the American people. We sought to develop a site that helped promote and generate conversations surrounding issues of job creation, economic progress and monetary policy.

Working for American Prosperity

Our Solution

Central to the site are high-impact presentations of the core issues. Pinkston writing team worked with Steve and his team to determine the messaging, and authored the content for these issue pages. We also developed the ability to post ongoing articles, videos, Tweets, and other content that relate to these issues. Since the purpose of the site was to generate interest and engagement, we made it easy for users to interact by joining AHGO, signing petitions, following on social media, and making donations.

Sitemap for Political Action Website
Steve Forbes - Americans for Hope, Growth, and Opportunity


Our video team conducted a series of interviews with Steve Forbes at our office, where he articulated succinct positions about each of the issues presented on the site. Video is a uniquely engaging and shareable channel that we took full advantage of on this project.

Grid Structure for Articles

We developed a content stream below the fold of the home page where articles, Tweets, video, and other content is updated regularly. For this we developed a custom grid structure for a visually appealing presentation of these articles, and the ability to pull from multiple channels in the CMS. We also created the ability for editors to assign higher importance to certain pieces of content, and for that content to become more prominently featured in the grid. Content is also related to specific issues, to be displayed dynamically on that particular issue page.

Flexible Grid Structure for Web Design
Political Action Petition Design


Including petitions on the site encourages visitors to get involved and make their voice heard. We developed the ability to easily add petitions in the content management system and the ability to post to nearly any page of the site.


We built an easy-to-use, secure, and mobile-friendly donation functionality powered by Stripe.

Political Donation Design
User Engagement Flow for Political Action Website


The join AHGO functionality on the site automates enewsletter signup, integrating directly with MailChimp. We also designed automated messages that encourage signees to take the next step by making a donation or following AHGO on social media.

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