An audio analytics solution that doesn’t just listen—it understands.

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Clutch Group is a global team of attorneys, technologists, and consultants that help companies solve big legal, risk, and compliance issues. They harness technology, process, and fact development to create risk-measured, cost-optimized solutions for clients around the world.


The Challenge

Clutch Group approached us to assist in developing a brand identity along with digital and print collateral for a new audio analytics product. Because Audio.IQ is a revolutionary new product in the data analytics world, our challenge was to effectively communicate what it does and what sets it apart.

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Our Solution

Through a series of interviews with the Clutch product and marketing teams, our team worked to understand the product and identify key benefits across several industries. Then, in close collaboration with Clutch marketing, we developed messaging that clearly communicates what Audio.IQ is, how it works, and what makes it so attractive.

With the messaging in hand, we then worked to apply it across print and digital collateral. Knowing that Clutch Group planned to roll out a series of “IQ” branded products, we designed a mark that could be extensible to other related brands.

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Clutch Group wanted to create an animated graphic that visually demonstrated the core concept of how Audio.IQ works. Our solution was an animation that showed how Audio.IQ can “watch” a call in real-time and, using proprietary and customized algorithms, flag portions of the call for further review.

Audio.IQ Website - Mobile View
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Animated Video

We worked in close collaboration with Clutch Group marketing to script and storyboard a product marketing video. Our solution was to tell the Audio.IQ story, starting with the increasing demand for a better audio analytics solution, and then making the case for Audio.IQ by highlighting several key benefits.

Print Collateral & Booth Design

Our design team created two print pieces that are used by Clutch Group at trade shows and other in-person events. We also applied the Audio.IQ brand to a trade-show booth.

Audio.IQ - Print Brochure

“The Pinkston team has a keen eye for detail and design and a deep understanding of intuitive UX. What impressed us the most was how easily Pinkston was able to grasp the nuances of our technology and to communicate them in an approachable and innovative way.”

Colin Murphy, Associate Director & Head of Marketing, Clutch Group

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